Blend BLND

BLEND is an ERC-20 token that tracks a managed basket of vetted Proof-of-Stake assets
  1. Blend is an easy way to go long on vetted PoS networks. The token enables holders to go in and out of a position without traditional staking lockups and may offer tax advantages versus holding the underlying PoS tokens.
  2. Blend is the first basket token offered by StakerDAO, a decentralized organization with a new approach to decentralized management of DeFi assets. StakerDAO is led by industry veteran, Jonas Lamis who headed Tezos Capital.
  3. Blend is managed by the StakerDAO Council, which is led by seasoned crypto investors and participants Olaf Carlson-Wee (Founder of Polychain), Spencer Noon (DTC Capital), Luke Youngblood (Coinbase Custody), and Shaishav Todi (Leminscap)

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