A unique way to stake crypto in the US

Staking for Accredited Investors in the US

The CoinList staking fund offers U.S. Accredited Investors the opportunity to earn yield on their assets through investment in a private exempt fund whose strategy is to stake digital assets.

Supported Assets

Supported assets now
Mina (MINA)
13.84% APY
Solana (SOL)
6.97% APY
Near (NEAR)
6.96% APY
Ethereum (ETH)
3.76% APY
Sui (SUI)
3.35% APY
Assets to be supported in the future
Threshold (T)
15% APY
Agoric (BLD)
10.97% APY
Casper (CSPR)
9.02% APY
Flow (FLOW)
8.99% APY
Oasis (ROSE)
4% APY

        *Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Stake Crypto with CoinList

Staking Rewards

Each digital asset will be pooled with like assets and staked according to the requirements of the protocol. Investors’ rewards will be issued in the native token in which they initially purchased fund interests or according to the rules of the protocol. For example, if an investor purchased their interests in ETH, their return will be in ETH.


Validators will be based outside of the United States. CoinList will stake directly to public nodes (with the exception of ETH), removing the need for any liquidity minimum that may otherwise be required.

Yield Optimization

CoinList will only optimize yield by re-staking earned rewards 1x/month or at the protocol cadence. No other optimization methods will be utilized and rewards will be determined on the protocol level.

Liquidity Holdback

CoinList will not reserve any digital assets for quick redemptions. Funds will be available after un-staking the respective protocol, with the duration of time between the assets being un-staked and available determined at the protocol level.

Fee Structure

CoinList will charge a 15% performance fee of total staking rewards generated.

Fund Expenses

Investors should expect to receive the annualized on-chain staking reward for each asset, net the 15% CoinList fee of the staked rewards. Investors should expect the staking validator and custodian to take a fee.

Investor Eligibility

The fund is only available to investors that meet the definition of Accredited Investors as defined by US law.


Risks associated with investment in the fund can be found in the private placement memorandum for the fund available upon request.